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March 4 th, 2014

Fresh Baked Breads

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Garlic Naun


           ·    Naan 2.95

o    This traditional tear-drop shaped white bread is baked in huge flat ovals by slapping it quickly on the sides of

·   Paratha 2.95

o    Buttered pan fried flat bread.

·         Puri 2.95

o    Deep fried whole wheat puffed light bread.

·         Roti 2.95

o    Indian style whole wheat bread.

·         Pishwari Naan 4.95

o    Bread stuffed with coconut, raisin, almond.

·         Aloo-Paratha 3.95

o    bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes.

·         Lacha Paratha 3.95

o    Whole wheat bread layered with butter.

·         Onion Panir 3.95

o    Scrumptious unleavened bread filled with onion, homemade cheese or fresh minced cauliflower

·         Keema Masala Paratha 3.95

o    This delicious unleavened bread is baked with four layers of butter and contains succulent minced meat. Rich and ob-so-delicious.

·         Kashmiri Paratha 3.95

o    Multi-layered bread stuffed with delicately spiced shredded chicken and a mixture of nuts and raisins. 

·         Garlic Naan 3.95

o    Bread stuffed with fresh garlic.

·         Green Chili Naan 3.95

    • Bread stuffed with fresh diced green chillis.

·         Cilantro Naun3.95

    • Bread stuffed with fresh cilantro .
  • Gobi Kulcha3.95
    • Bread stuffed with fresh minced cauliflower.

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