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March 4 th, 2014

Lamb Entrees

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Lamb Pishwari

  • Lamb Curry 15.95
    • Marinated lamb cubes cooked in a gravy sauce. $
  • Lamb Vinadaloo $15.95
    • Spiced lamb cooked in a tangy sauce with potatoes.
  • Lamb Sag. $16.95
    • Lamb cooked in spices with fresh spinach.
  • Lamb Rogan Josh $16.95
    • Cubes of lamb marinated in Indian spices, cooked with chopped tomatoes in a creamy sauce.
  • Lamb Pasanda $17.95
    • Slices of lamb marinated in cream and cooked in a mildly spiced almond sauce.
  • Karahi Kebab Khybery $16.95
    • Hearty appetite will appreciate our specialty from the Khyber Pass region. Diced lamb grilled with Himalayan herbs, tomatoes, and capsicum (Cayenne and bell peppers) in the traditional style.
  • Bhindi Gosht $17.95
    • Fresh okra and selected pieces of lamb marinated in herbs and cooked according to our chef secret recipe.
  • Lamb Pishwari $16.95
    • A rare delicacy from Northwest India. Juicy lamb pieces specially prepared with the chef’s sharp knife, then simmered in a light sauce with yogurt, onions, tomatoes & mild spices.
  • Keema Punjabi Masala $16.95
    • Fresh American chopped lamb marinated in yogurt & a fresh blend of Tandoori Masala (spices) & cooked with green peas.
  • Lamb Korma $16.95
    • Lamb marinated in yogurt and cooked in a creamy, spicy sauce.
  • Lamb Achari. $16.95
    • Lamb prepared with Indian pickles simmered in a cream sauce
  • Lamb T. Masala $17.95
    • Lamb cooked in a mildly spiced tomato cream sauce.
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